Math 471 - Intro to Numerical Analysis

Summer 96

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General Description

This course is an introduction to numerical analysis, solving mathematical problems on a computer. The topics include floating point arithmetic, solution of nonlinear equations, computational linear algebra, interpolation, numerical integration and numerical solution of ODEs. A series of computer projects will be assigned using a variety of software tools such as Maple, Matlab, Fortran or C programming and computer subroutine packages. see Detailed Syllabus

Grading Policy

  1. 2 - one hour exams - 40%
  2. Computer projects - 20% - must be individual work
  3. Final Exam - 40%
  4. Homework will be collected and selected problems will be graded. If you do poorly on exams, HW will be taken into account in determining your final grade. It can count as much as 20%, with the exams counting 60%.
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