Conference on
Rational Billiards and Flows on Moduli Spaces

University of Illinois at Chicago
June 3-5, 2005

Supported by a focused research grant from National Science Foundation

Directions to Conference

Conference will be held in Room 605 of Student Center East, 750 S Halsted located between Taylor and Harrison on the East side of campus. Click the following link for campus map and directions to UIC.

Probably the easiest way to get to UIC from Chicago's two major airports is to take the CTA: BLUE LINE if you are coming from O'Hare (following the "trains to city" signs in the Terminal) and ORANGE LINE from Midway. In both cases, the fare is $1.75; you do not need to get a transfer. Taxi is about $25.00 from Midway.

Lodging and Dining

Contact Info for some nearby Hotels:

Holiday Inn and Suites
506 W. Harrison (10 minute walk from UIC)
312 957-9100 (corrected)

Congress Plaza Hotel
520 S. Michigan
312 427-3800

Days Inn Lincoln Park
644 W. Diversey (less expensive)
773 525-7010

Days Inn Gold Coast
1816 N. Clark (less expensive)
312 664-3040

Dining: There are numerous Greek restaurants on Halsted just North of campus such as Greek Islands, and Parthenon. Just west and south of campus on Taylor street there are numerous restaurants. Among the better ones are Tuscany 1014 W. Taylor (nice Italian restaurant), and Chez Joel 1119 W. Taylor (French Bistro). Some recommended restaurants in Downtown (walking distance) include Birghoff 17 W Adams (classic Chicago German restaurant), and Tratorria 1010 N. Dearborn (very good Italian restaurant). There are also many good restaurants on the North Side of Chicago (Michigan avenue area).

Schedule of Talks

Thursday, June 2

10:00 AM (in SEO 636) A. Eskin
A slow introduction to the proof of Ratner's Theorem I

1:00 PM (in SEO 636) A. Eskin
A slow introduction to the proof of Ratner's Theorem II

All other talks will be in Room 605 of Student Center East on 750 S Halsted

Friday, June 3

9:30 J. Smillie
A characterisation of Veech examples

10:20-11:00 Coffee break

11:00 M. Moeller
Periodic points on Veech surfaces

12:00-2:00 Lunch

2:00 C. McMullen
Billiards of Genus Two

3:00 S. Lelievre
Square-tiled surfaces in genus two

3:50-4:30 Coffee break

4:30 E. Lanneau
Teichmueller discs with no cusps

Saturday, June 4

9:30 A. Bufetov
Decay of correlations for the Rauzy-Veech-Zorich induction map and the Central Limit Theorem for the Teichmueller geodesic flow

10:20-11:00 Coffee break

11:00 B. Weiss
Mahler's question for interval exchange transformations

12:00-2:00 Lunch

2:00 M. Mirzakhani
Equidistribution results on moduli spaces

3:00 Y. Cheung
Slow divergence and unique ergodicity in genus 2

3:50-4:30 Coffee break

4:30 M. Schmoll
Modular fibers

Sunday, June 5

9:00 R. Schwartz
Obtuse triangular billiards

10:00 C. Leininger
Graphs of Veech groups

10:50-11:15 Coffee break

11:15 P. Hubert
Illumination in Veech surfaces

A limited amount of support will be available to graduate students. Contact the organizers at the email address below.

For more information contact the organisers at

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