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Algebraic Topology, and specifically, homotopy theory. The homotopy groups of spheres and related spaces has been central to the understanding the homotopy category. The global structure of the homotopy category is visible in the data when carefully analyzed. In particular, the periodic structure is seen before it's vast implications come to light. Most interesting is the gradual emerging understanding of the similarities and differences between the stable category and the unstable category.

See Math Sci for reviews of some of my papers. MathSci

My 1975 book, homotopy theory:An introduction to algebraic topology, published in the Academic Press Series of Monographs and Texts (# 64), is a unique development in that it develops homotopy theory geometrically, and derives homology and cohomology as a corollary. This is opposite to the traditional view, and leads to characteristic axioms on a fairly large category of spaces.

Activities: I am currently retired from teaching but continue research in homotopy theory.


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