Some people are saying that it is a wake up call. I say more like a rude awakening. Like when you awaken from a deep sleep and are momentarily disoriented. It takes a moment to figure out where you are. That is what it is like, except it will take us a long time to figure out where we are. Who would have guessed, on Nov 22, 1963, that we had just entered a new period of political life that has been since labeled as "the sixties". We had been brought up in a dream of America as a perfect land blessed by G-d. Assassination of political leaders was something that happened in underdeveloped countries. That day changed everyone, but who realized what was happening? For years after the event, when we were making a connection with a new person, and going through the period where we want to know about each other, one of the first questions we always asked was "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" Something had happened. This was a defining moment, but it wasn't clear what it defined. *************************************************************************************************** It will be a long time before we can really understand this new reality. Some things will start to look different. Maybe we will need to see ourselves from a broader perspective. Americans comprise about 4.5% of the world population. We have much wealth, but there are centers of wealth in many countries whose values are not only different than ours, but pretty much unknown to us as a society. We value the concept of freedom, but when it comes to a conflict between freedom and comfort, freedom comes second. We don't value education; our life is increasingly dependent on technology, but many high tech companies are staffed by foreigners because our schools are not adequate. Most of us are ignorant of the outside world, but we have the biggest military machine which we use to intimidate other countries. We will have to come to grips with all this.