Dormitory: Max Palevsky Residential Commons

The dorm rooms are in the buildings on 56th street between University and Ellis. Maps (of campus and larger regions) are available here . A map of the whole campus area is here . The dorms are here. To register go to the Central building at 1101 E. 56th St. Here is some information about the dorms. This brochure contains a picture of the dorms and more information about the computer facilities. Warning: if the computer jack in your room doesn't seem to work it may be because a virus or other problem was detected on your computer. If so then this jack will be disconnected for the remainder of your stay. Do NOT try other jacks; you may cause them to be disconnected as well.

Lectures: Eckhart Hall 202

The lectures will take place in Eckhart Hall 202 (the math building) at 5734 S. University. (It is the building closest to the northwest corner of 58th and University.) Coffee breaks (at 9am, 10:30am, 2:30pm) will take place in Eckhart 209. Maps (of campus and larger regions) are available here . A map of the whole campus area is here . Eckhart Hall is here .

Local information: restaurants, shopping and more is available here.

A summary of some of the restaurant information (which we'll hand out) is here .

Two forms of identification (one a state issued ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) and one other (credit card, school ID, etc.)) will be needed for cashing the reimbursement checks. We think Bank One at 1204 E. 53rd St. will cash the checks.

General driving directions to the University of Chicago.

There are visitor parking lots on campus; see the parking map . There is also (free) street parking, although during the day you may have to go four (or more) blocks north or east of the main campus to find a spot. (You may want to avoid parking south of the midway (60th Street) or west of Cottage Grove.) During the summer there are street cleaning days which are only announced one day in advance (with signs hung on trees), so you may want to check on your car daily.

Getting to the University of Chicago from the airports:

There are two major airports in the Chicago area, namely Midway and O'Hare. Midway is by far the fastest and least stressful to get to, which might be worth keeping in mind when choosing between flights. (Count on 1hr extra travel time to O'Hare.)

Getting here from Midway: By taxi the ride takes 20-30 min. and costs roughly $20. There is also a convenient bus service ($1.75): Bus 55 Garfield runs frequently between Midway Airport and the university. To find the bus at the airport follow the signs to trains/busses to the city. You can buy your ticket from a machine at the terminal or use exact change on the bus. (There is an express service on weekdays X55; it is almost always faster to wait for the next express than to get on a local bus.) When you board the bus, ask the driver if it runs all the way to the museum (which is past the university) since the bus sometimes only goes half way. It is safer to wait at the airport for the next bus than at the half way point. The bus runs along 55th street. Get off at 55th Street and Ellis Ave. The dorms are one block south. Or walk south on University (two blocks east of Ellis) until you get to Eckhart Hall , where the math department is located. The bus ride takes 45 min. plus some time getting to the bus stop and waiting for the bus.

Getting here from O'Hare: There is a shuttle service called Omega Shuttle, which can be found at the ground transportation desk. It runs once an hour and costs $20. The ride takes roughly 1hr20min. Their homepage, with a schedule, is here . A taxi is around $50 and takes in the vicinity of an hour, depending on traffic. It is also possible to get from O'Hare to the university just by public transportation, but it takes two to three hours or more. Begin by taking the CTA blue line ($1.75 add $0.25 for a bus transfer) from O'Hare towards downtown (follow signs at the airport for CTA trains). There are then several options for getting from downtown to the University. See below. A taxi from downtown is roughly $18. A downtown CTA map .

By Commuter rail from downtown: Get off the CTA at the Washington stop, walk a half block north and three blocks east to Randolph and Michigan to board a Metra train ($2.05 if bought in the station. There is an extra fee on the train when traveling from downtown to Hyde Park (but not the other way)). Take the Chicago to University Park train to the 57th street stop if possible (or the 59th streep stop, where the train always stops). Walk west about a mile to the campus. This train runs approximately every 30-45 minutes Monday through Saturday, but on Sunday they only run every 90 minutes; see the schedules at Metra schedules .

By bus from downtown: (put an extra ($0.25) on your card when you buy your ticket for the CTA) Get off at Washington and walk one block east to State Street. On State street catch the CTA #6 Jackson Park Express (used to be Jeffrey) southbound. Get off at 57th or 59th Street. Walk west about a mile to the campus.

By bus from downtown (not recommended at night): (put an extra ($0.25) on your card when you buy your ticket for the CTA) Change from the blue line to the red line at either the Washington or the Jackson line. Take the red line towards 95th/Dan Ryan. Get off at the Garfield (55th street) stop (be aware of your surroundings here). Cross the street to board the 55 Garfield bus going east. Get off at Ellis and walk one block south.