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18.100B Analysis I

Welcome to 18.100B! The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the basic language and methods of mathematics. The course emphasizes proof writing and is meant as a first introduction to rigorous mathematics. It will cover point set topology, metric spaces, continuity, differentiability, sequences and series and intergration.

Lecturer: Izzet Coskun, coskun@math.mit.edu

Office hours: M 9-11 in 2-167

Text book: W. Rudin, The Principles of Mathematical Analysis, McGraw-Hill 3rd edition.

Homework: There will be weekly homework. The homework is due on Wednesdays at the beginning of class. Late homework will not be accepted. You are allowed to discuss problems; however, the write-up must be your own and should reflect your own understanding of the problem.

Grading: There will be two midterm evaluations on October 12 and November 16 and a final examination during final exam week. The time and place of the final exam will be announced later by the Registrar. Each of the midterms and the homework will count for 20% of your grade. The final will account for 40% of your grade.

The Final Exam will be on Tuesday, December 20 at 9:00 am in Walker

Check the Registrar's listing for updates.

The Final Exam will consist of 24 problems. Each problem will have one assertion. You have to state whether the assertion is TRUE or FALSE. If the assertion is true, you have to give a concise proof. If the assertion is false, you have to give a counterexample. To receive full credit you have to answer 20 of the problems correctly. You may do more for extra credit.

Practice for the first midterm (pdf)

First midterm (pdf)

Second midterm (pdf)

Course materials:

  • The syllabus (pdf).
  • The first problem set due Wednesday, Sep. 14 (pdf).
  • The second problem set due Wednesday, Sep. 21 (pdf).
  • The third problem set due Wednesday, Sep. 28 (pdf).
  • The fourth problem set due Wednesday, Oct. 5 (pdf).
  • No problem sets due Oct. 12
  • The fifth problem set due Wednesday, Oct. 19 (pdf).
  • The sixth problem set due Wednesday, Oct. 26 (pdf).
  • The seventh problem set due Wednesday, Nov. 2 (pdf).
  • The eighth problem set due Wednesday, Nov. 9 (pdf).
  • No problem sets due Nov. 16. You may turn in practice midterm for extra credit (pdf).
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Wednesday, Nov 23
  • The ninth problem set due Wednesday, Nov. 30 (pdf).
  • The tenth problem set due Wednesday, Dec. 7 (pdf).
  • Practice problems for the final (pdf).