The Gallery for Mondrian Tableaux

under construction

  • Some very simple examples (pdf)
  • Squaring a class in F(2,4;6) (pdf).
  • Squaring a class in F(2,4;8) (pdf).
  • Calculating quantum products (pdf).
  • Calculating more complicated quantum products (pdf).
  • Here are three pages of simple examples demonstrating the main features of the rule in small examples. When we move a black square... (eps). (eps). When we move a red square ... (eps).
  • A collection of 4 simple calculations. The first one is in F(2,5;6). The next three in F(2,4;6). (eps).
  • A more complicated calculation in F(2,4;6). (eps).
  • A slightly different calculation in F(2,4;6) (very similar to the one above). (eps).
  • A sample calculation in F(3,5;8). This is larger than the previous examples. Occassionally I have skipped one or two steps. I tried to warn the reader by writing 'skip' on the arrow.(eps).
  • A sample calculation in F(3,6;8). This example demonstrates the movement of fillers. I could not fit it in one page. (eps) .(eps).