Welcome to MATH 516! This course is an introduction to algebra at the beginning graduate level. It will cover categories, groups, rings and modules, including the Sylow Theorems and the classification of finitely generated modules over a PID.

Prerequisites: MATH 330 and MATH 435, or equivalent undergraduate algebra courses

Time and Venue: MWF 12:00--12:50 in Addams Hall 302.

Lecturer: Izzet Coskun

Office: SEO 423

Required text: Paolo Aluffi, Algebra: Chapter 0 Graduate Studies in Mathematics 104, AMS, Providence, Rhode Island, 2009. You can find errata for the book here

Grading: There will be weekly problem sets. These problem sets will account for 50% of your grade. There will be a take-home midterm and a take-home final. These will account for 20% and 30% of your grade, respectively. Homework is the most important component of this course. Failure to turn in more than two problem sets will result your grade to be lowered to at most a B. Failure to turn in more than four problem sets will result in an automatic F for the class.


  • Syllabus (pdf)

    Problem Sets:

  • Problem Set 1: Due August 31 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 2: Due September 7 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 3: Due September 14 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 4: Due September 21 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 5: Due September 28 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 6: Due October 5 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 7: Due October 12 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 8: Due October 19 (pdf)
  • Take home midterm: Due October 26 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 9: Due November 2 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 10: Due November 9 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 11: Due November 16 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 12: Due November 23 (pdf)
  • Take home Final: Due December 2 (pdf)