Cheng Ouyang's Home Page

Cheng Ouyang

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

MSCS (M/C 249)
851 South Morgan Street
Chicago, IL 60607, USA
Office: SEO 502
Phone: (312) 413-2153
E-Mail: couyang [at] uic [dot] edu


Fall 2022
  • STAT401 Introduction to Probability
  • STAT501 Probability Theory I
(Courses are available on Blackboard)

Research interests

Probability theory and stochastic analysis

Current event(s) I am organizing

  • 5-day BIRS-CMO Workshop: New Trends in Stochastic Analysis, May 21-26, 2023.
  • Frontiers in Stochastic Analysis, Aug 9-11, 2023.

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