Chaos software from the UIC REU

This software is currently available for UNIX systems (requires Python-2.2 or higher) and for Windows (requires Python-2.4).

UNIX Installation instructions:

Download the gzipped tar archive below, and unpack it in the directory of your choice.

To build the python module, if you have superuser privileges on your UNIX system,
su, change to the installation directory and type:

  python build
  python install

This will install the package chaos in the site-packages directory of your python installation.

If are not a superuser and wish to install the chaos python module in your home directory, type:

  python build
  python install --install-lib ~

This will create a subdirectory of your home directory named chaos, containing the module.

 Chaos-1.0.win32-py2.4.exe> (Windows self-installer)

Individual files can be found  here.

Windows users will need to install Python 2.4 for Windows and a compatible version of the Python Imaging Library .