Math 550: Differentiable Manifolds II

David Dumas

University of Illinois at Chicago
Spring 2019

Primary text J.M. Lee, Introduction to Smooth Manifolds. (Springer GTM, 2012)
Free ebook through UIC
Lectures MWF at 9am in 317 Taft Hall
Instructor email
Instructor office hours To be announced
CRN 37861

About the course

Building on the foundational material from Math 549, we will discuss several aspects of the geometry and topology of smooth manifolds. The course will be divided into three roughly equal units focusing on the following topics:

Supplementary texts

Most of the material we will cover can be found in the main textbook (Lee); however, we will occasionally cover material drawn from the supplementary texts listed below. These books may also be useful for students seeking a second exposition of material that is included in the primary text.


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