Banquet and conference registration.

On Saturday evening at 7:00 PM there will be a conference banquet at
Francesca's on Taylor, a short walk from campus.

1) Please fill out the following form: Registration for the conference.
It is important for us to get an accurate count for the banquet. Please register for the conference now even if you are planning to pay in person with cash.

The cost of the banquet for conference participants is 20 dollars.
The cost of the banquet for guests is 70 dollars.
Conference participant = anyone speaking or attending the talks of this conference.
Guest = Anyone else coming to the banquet.

2) After filling the registration form, payment can be done in person at the conference registration or via Paypal:
(You may need an American billing address to pay online - in this case, just please pay at conference registration. If you prefer to pay in person for any other reason, that is also OK.)

Select from the options below:
Names you are paying for: