During Spring of 2020, I am teaching:

Math 506

During Fall 2019, I taught:
Math 430
Math 215
During Spring 2019, I taught:
Math 313
Math 215
During Fall 2018, I taught:
Math 210.
During Spring 2018, I am taught:
Math 215
During Fall 2017, I taught:

Math 512
During Fall 2016, I am teaching:
Math 210
Math 506
During Spring 2016, I taught:
Math 115A
Math 132
During Winter 2016, I taught:

Math 32A
Math 33B
During the Fall 2015 quarter, I taught Linear algebra, Math 115A. Please email me for a link to the materials.

During the Fall 2014 semester, I taught the graduate model theory course at Berkeley.

During the Spring 2015 semester, I taught undergraduate recursion theory at Berkeley.

If you have a request for old course materials, please email me directly (the Berkeley webpages for these courses are no longer active).