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Rigidity of group actions on homogeneous spaces, III

Consider homogeneous G/H and G/F,
for an S-algebraic group G.
A lattice L acts on the left
strictly conservatively.

The following rigidity results are obtained:
morphisms, factors and joinings defined apriori
only in the measurable category
are in fact algebraically constrained.

Arguing in an elementary fashion
we manage to classify
all the measurable maps
commuting with the L-action:

assuming ergodicity, we find
they are algebraically defined.

Authors: U. Bader, A. Furman, A. Gorodnik, B. Weiss
Bibliographical: Duke Math. J., 164 vol 1, 115 - 155.
Download: pdf | arxiv:1201.5367

Corrections and comments

This work extends and improves most of the results from Rigidity of group actions on infinite volume homogeneous spaces, II using a different approach.

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