Workshop and conference:

Geometric group theory and LOGIC: the elementary theory of groups

Workshop: August 15-17 2011

Conference: August 18-19 2011


at the Univertsiy of Illinois at Chicago

Organized by Daniel Groves (UIC)    Contact: e.mail

Conference funded by NSF Grant CAREER 0953794. 

Main Speakers (Workshop):

Mark Feighn (Rutgers)

Anand Pillay (Leeds)

Simon Thomas (Rutgers)

Invited speakers (conference):

Uri Andrews (Wisconsin)

Laura Ciobanu (Fribourg)

Isaac Goldbring (UCLA)

Masato Mimura (Tokyo)

Christian Rosendal (UIC)

Thomas Scanlon (Berkeley)

Henry Wilton (UCL)

Wednesday Aug. 17 - Party.



Come over for beer after the last talk on Wednesday.

Food later.