Separation and relative quasi-convexity for relatively geometric actions (with E. Einstein and Thomas Ng). Preprint (2021). .pdf

Abstract Bowditch characterized relative hyperbolicity in terms of group actions on fine hyperbolic graphs with finitely many edge orbits and finite edge stabilizers. In this paper, we define generalized fine actions on hyperbolic graphs, in which the peripheral subgroups are allowed to stabilize finite sub-graphs rather than stabilizing a point. Generalized fine actions are useful for studying groups that act relatively geometrically on a CAT(0) cube complex, which were recently defined by the first two authors. Specifically, we show that a group acting relatively geometrically on a CAT(0) cube complex admits a generalized fine action on the one-skeleton of the cube complex. For generalized fine actions, we prove a criterion for relative quasiconvexity as subgroups that cocompactly stabilize quasi-convex sub-graphs, generalizing a result of Martinez-Pedroza and Wise in the setting of fine hyperbolic graphs. As an application, we obtain a characterization of boundary separation in generalized fine graphs and use it to prove that Bowditch boundary points in relatively geometric actions are always separated by a hyperplane stabilizer.