A Second course in Abstract Algebra, MATH 516, Fall 2020

Instructor: Daniel Groves, 727 SEO e.mail

Course webpage: http://www.math.uic.edu/~groves/teaching/2020-21/516/

Course hours:

MWF, 10:00-10:50AM, On Webex. See Blackboard page for information.

Office hours:


(Or, you can make an apointment by e.mail or try stopping past my office.)

Text: "Algebra: Chapter 0" by Paolo Aluffi, GSM 104. American Mathematical Society, 2009.

Syllabus: Download here.

Course description:
This is a first year graduate course on abstract algebra. The plan is to cover approximately the material in Chapters I-VII of Aluffi's text.

Assessment: Homework sets will be due every week.
There will be a take-home midterm exam, due on [A date TBA].
There will be an take-home final exam, which will be due on [A date TBA]. The relative weightings of these items will be: Homework 50%, Midterm 20%, Final 30%.