Computational Science and Applied Mathematics
Courses for Fall 1998

Math 578 - Asymptotic Methods: SECTION DROPPED
Instructor:   G. V. Ramanathan
Text:   C. Bender and S. Orszag,  Advanced Mathematical Methods,  McGraw Hill.
Offered:  Fall Semester, 1998
Course Description:   (Bulletin) Asymptotic series, Laplace's method, stationary phase, steepest descent method, Stokes phenomena, uniform expansions, multi-dimensional Laplace integrals, Euler-MacLaurin formula, irregular singular points, WKBJ method.
Prerequisites:   Math 417 (Complex Analysis), Math 481 (Applied PDE) or consent of the instructor

MCS 504 - Mathematics and Information Science for Industry (MISI) Workshop: SECTION CLOSED
Instructor:   R. Grossman
Text:   None; selected articles will be used.
Offered:  Fall Semester, 1998
Course Description:   This course is centered around one or more "industrial" problems. The goal of the course is to provide an opportunity for students to use mathematics and information sciences to work on problems arising from industrial applications. The course will cover: mathematical modeling, problem formulation, problem analysis, problem solution, developing software to implement the solution, validating the software, analyzing the results, documenting the problem and its solution, techniques for effectively working in groups, software engineering, and effectively communicating technical material.
Comments:   The course may be repeated for credit.
Prerequisites:   Prior course work in data structures and algorithms and C/C++ programming.

MCS 572 - Supercomputing: SECTION OPEN
Instructor:   F. Hanson
Text:   Available on course homepage, given below..
Offered:  Fall Semester, 1998
Course Description:   (Bulletin) Introduction to supercomputing on vector and parallel processors; architectural comparisons, parallel algorithms, vectorization techniques, parallelization techniques, actual implementation on real machines.
Comments:   Expect Hands-on use of National Center for Supercomputing Applications Cray Origin 2000 and UIC Convex SPP1200, depending upon availability.
Prerequisites:   MCS 471 Numerical Analysis or MCS 571 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations or consent of the instructor.
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