Help for Octave on MathLab Next Machines

Instructions for the use of Octave on the MathLab NeXT machines in room 200 SEO.

Log onto any NeXT machine.

If the screen is black, then nudge the mouse and you will see a login screen come on. If not, try another machine.

Running Octave

Double Click with the Mouse on the Terminal icon (looks like a minature computer display with the word Mach repeated on the screen, where Mach is the name of the operating system kernel) and you will get a Terminal window or Unix shell. At the > prompt (or other prompt) in the Terminal window The Octave command quit or exit will stop Octave and simultaneously pressed Control-c keys will interrupt Octave in case you have to stop it prematurely.

What to do now that you are in Octave

Setting up your MathLab NeXT computer account as you like it.

After you have logged on and the machine has come to life, there will be a set of icons along the right side of the screen. The file viewer application called the WorkSpace should be in the center of the screen, but if not double click the right mouse button on the NeXT icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Using the mouse, move the cursor to the right hand side (RHS) of the screen and double click (DC) on the Preferences icon which has a date and time. This will cause the Preferences "menu" to come up on the upper left hand side (LHS) of the screen. You may set screen color to your liking, or change the password, or many other things. To make this application go away click on "hide" with the mouse (or press the Alt-h keys simultaneously) at the next to the bottom item of this menu.

Logging off your MathLab NeXT computer account.

Just double click on the NeXT icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to bring the WorkSpace file viewer to the forefront, unless it is already there and click on the bottom item of the Workspace menu on the word quit or else just key Alt-h keys simultaneously.

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