Help On-Line for Partial Differential Equation Texts and Tools

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  1. Prof. Hanson's Maple PPDE Examples:

  2. Prof. Hanson's Maple and other EPDE Examples:

  3. Prof. Hanson's General Numerics HelpPage:

  4. Prof. Hanson's Numeric and Symbolic Tools HelpPage:

  5. Prof. Micheal Heath's PDE Chapter,

  6. Computational Science Education Project (CSEP),

  7. Prof. Geoffrey Fox,

  8. Profs. Curtis F. Gerald and Patrick O. Wheatley's Book:


  1. BoxLib, CFD Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR): Click Here for BoxLib Object Oriented Class Library

  2. C++ Template Library for Numerical Iterative Methods: IML++: Click Here for IML++ Iterative Methods Library

  3. Diffpack PDE Solver Software in C++ (also at NetLib), (Click for Diffpack),

  4. Mesh and Grid Generation Web Page Click Here for Mesh Generation

  5. MGNET Codes (Multigrid Net Software Archive) Click Here for Multigrid Software

  6. NetLib PDE Solver Software Repository, (Click for Table of Contents of Links to PDE Software),

  7. Numerical Analysis FAQ: PDE and FEM Software on the Net,

  8. PETSc, the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation for MPI and PDEs

  9. Pltmg8.0, Elliptic PDE Package of Prof. R.E. Bank @ UCSD

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