Fibonacci Spirals in Plants

The purpose of these web pages is to describe a project in which high school students investigate the
  spiral structures found in various plants. The project has two parts:

     (1)  field work, in which the students collect some examples,
     (2)  a mathematical investigation of the spirals.

  A project of this kind provides the student with opportunities to become

     (a)  more mathematically observant,
     (b)  more scientifically observant,

  and, perhaps, also more interested in the structure and biology of plants.
  The following presentation is "rough and ready". We will be improving it and adding more material soon.
  We are putting this on line now in order to facilitate communication with high school teachers who are
  interested in developing projects on on the investigation of spiral structures in plants.

The following webpages contain a lot of graphics so, before entering please, choose the links more appropriate for your modem speed.