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Steve Hurder

Professor Emeritus, 2012 - present
Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

505 Science Engineering Offices
Phone: (312) 413-2154;  Fax: (312) 996-1491
Email: hurder@uic.edu


Awards & Honors

Research: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, 1985-1987 ; University Scholar (1991-1994; UIC)
Service: Award of Excellence (1997; State of Illinois - citizen contributions to local elementary schools)
Teaching: Award of Excellence (2007; UIC Campus-Wide Prize for Teaching Contributions)
UIC: INSPIRE & Luminary Award (June/November 2010)
AMS: Fellow of the American Mathematics Society (2012)

Recent & Forthcoming

59. Dynamics and the Godbillon-Vey Class of C^1 Foliations (with Remi Langevin) PDF
  Journal Math. Society Japan, Vol. 70:423-462, 2018.
60. Compact foliations with finite transverse LS category (with Pawel Walczak) PDF
  Journal Math. Society Japan, Vol. 70:1015-1046, 2018; {arXiv:1612.03022}.
76. Classifying matchbox manifolds (with Alex Clark and Olga Lukina) PDF
  submitted, revised October 21, 2017; {arXiv:1311.0226}.
77. Lipshitz matchbox manifolds PDF
  Geometry, Dynamics, and Foliations 2013, Advanced Studies in Pure Math. Vol. 72, 2017, pages 71-115.
81. Aperiodicity at the boundary of chaos (with Ana Rechtman) PDF
  Ergodic Theory Dynamical Systems, to appear; {arXiv:1603.07877}.  
82. Perspectives on Kuperberg flows (with Ana Rechtman) PDF
  Topology Proceedings, Vol. 51,:197-244, 2017; {arXiv:1607.00731}.  
83. Molino theory for matchbox manifolds (with Jessica Dyer and Olga Lukina) PDF
  Pacific Journal Math., Vol. 289:91-151, 2017; {arXiv:1610.03896}  
84. Wild solenoids (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  Transactions A.M.S., to appear; {arXiv:1702.03032}  
85. Manifold-like matchbox manifolds (with Alex Clark and Olga Lukina) PDF
  Proceedings A.M.S., to appear; {arXiv:1704.04402}.  
86. Orbit equivalence and classification of weak solenoids (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  preprint; {arXiv:1803.02098}.  
87. Y-like matchbox manifolds (with Alex Clark and Olga Lukina)
  in preparation; 2018.  
88. Slow entropy, pseudo-orbits and shape (with Ana Rechtman)
  in preparation; 2018.  

Surveys & more

1994:  A survey of rigidity theory for Anosov actions PDF
1994:  Coarse geometry of foliations PDF
2002:  Dynamics and the Godbillon-Vey class: a history and survey PDF
2003:  Foliation Geometry/Topology Problem Set PDF
2008:  Classifying foliations PDF
2008:  Characteristic classes for Riemannan foliations PDF
2011:  Lectures on Foliation Dynamics: Barcelona 2010 PDF
2012:  Problem Session - Foliations 2012, Lodz, Poland PDF

updated May 4, 2018