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Steve Hurder

Professor Emeritus, 2012 - present
Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

505 Science Engineering Offices
Phone: (312) 413-2154;  Fax: (312) 996-1491
Email: hurder@uic.edu

Math 589 - Teaching and Presentation of Mathematics, Fall 2011

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Awards & Honors

Research: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, 1985-1987 ; University Scholar (1991-1994; UIC)
Service: Award of Excellence (1997; State of Illinois - citizen contributions to local elementary schools)
Teaching: Award of Excellence (2007; UIC Campus-Wide Prize for Teaching Contributions)
UIC: INSPIRE & Luminary Award (June/November 2010)
AMS: Fellow of the American Mathematics Society (2012)

Recent & Upcoming Papers

59: Dynamics and the Godbillon-Vey Class of C^1 Foliations (with Remi Langevin) PDF
  submitted, revised August 26, 2016; {arXiv:1403.0494}.  
70: Lectures on Foliation Dynamics PDF
  Foliations: Dynamics, Geometry and Topology, Advanced Courses in Mathematics CRM Barcelona. Springer Basel, 2014; {arXiv:1104.4852}.  
74. The dynamics of generic Kuperberg flows (with Ana Rechtman) PDF
  Astérisque, Vol. 377, 2016; {arXiv:1306.5025}.  
75. Shape of matchbox manifolds (with Alex Clark and Olga Lukina) PDF
  Indagationes Mathematicae, Vol. 25, 2014; {arXiv:1308.3535}.  
76. Classifying matchbox manifolds (with Alex Clark and Olga Lukina) PDF
  submitted, November 1, 2013; {arXiv:1311.0226}.  
77. Lipshitz matchbox manifolds PDF
  to appear, Proceedings of the conference Geometry, Dynamics, and Foliations 2013, rev. October 17, 2014; {arXiv:1309.1512}.  
78. Problem Session - Foliations 2012, Lodz, Poland PDF
  Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Łódź, Łódź, June 25–30, 2012, World Scientific Publishing Co., 2013.  
79. The discriminant invariant of Cantor group actions (with Jessica Dyer and Olga Lukina) PDF
  Topology and its Applications, Vol. 208, 2016; {arXiv:1509.06227}.  
80. Growth and homogeneity of matchbox manifolds (with Jessica Dyer and Olga Lukina) PDF
  Indagationes Math., to appear, 2016; revised June 8, 2016; {arXiv:1602.00784}.  
81. Aperiodicity at the boundary of chaos (with Ana Rechtman) PDF
  to appear, revised September 25, 2016; {arXiv:1603.07877}.  
82. Perspectives on Kuperberg flows (with Ana Rechtman) PDF
  preprint, July 4, 2016; {arXiv:1607.00731}.  
83. Molino theory for matchbox manifolds (with Jessica Dyer and Olga Lukina) PDF
  preprint, September 26, 2016.  
84. Manifold-like matchbox manifolds (with Alex Clark and Olga Lukina) PDF
  in preparation, 2016.  
**. Coarse entropy and transverse dimension (with Olga Lukina)
  in preparation, 2016  
**. Categorical cost for measured foliations (with Carlos Menino-Coton)
  in preparation, 2016  
**. The dynamics of Derived from Kuperberg flows (with Ana Rechtman)
  in preparation, 2016  
**. Secondary classes and solenoids
  in preparation, 2016  

Surveys & more

1994:  A survey of rigidity theory for Anosov actions PDF
1994:  Coarse geometry of foliations PDF
2002:  Dynamics and the Godbillon-Vey class: a history and survey PDF
2003:  Foliation Geometry/Topology Problem Set PDF
2008:  Classifying foliations PDF
2008:  Characteristic classes for Riemannan foliations PDF
2011:  Lectures on Foliation Dynamics: Barcelona 2010 PDF
2012:  Problem Session - Foliations 2012, Lodz, Poland PDF

Selected Recent Talks

2012: Dynamical Invariants of Foliations. PDF
  Colloquium, Universite de Strasbourg, October 19, 2012.  
2013: Beyond Kuperberg Flows. PDF
  Conference talk, International Conference Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity, Bedlewo, Poland, June 3, 2013.  
2014: Coarse entropy and transverse dimension. PDF
  Geometry, Topology and Dynamical Systems seminar, UIC, October 13, 2014.  
2016: The dynamics of flows in 3-dimensions. PDF
  Colloquium, Depaul University, April 8, 2016.  

updated September 26, 2016