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Steve Hurder

Professor Emeritus, 2012 - present
Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

505 Science Engineering Offices
Phone: (312) 413-2154;  Fax: (312) 996-1491
Email: hurder@uic.edu


Midwest Dynamical Systems 2023 at UIC

Awards & Honors

Research: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, 1985-1987 ; University Scholar (1991-1994; UIC)
Service: Award of Excellence (1997; State of Illinois - citizen contributions to local elementary schools)
Teaching: Award of Excellence (2007; UIC Campus-Wide Prize for Teaching Contributions)
UIC: INSPIRE & Luminary Award (June/November 2010)
AMS: Fellow of the American Mathematics Society (2012)

Recent & Forthcoming

81. Aperiodicity at the boundary of chaos (with Ana Rechtman) PDF
  Ergodic Theory Dynamical Systems, vol. 38:2683-2728, 2018; {doi.org/10.1017/etds.2016.144}.  
84. Wild solenoids (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  Transactions A.M.S., vol. 371:4493-4533, 2019; {arXiv:1702.03032}  
85. Manifold-like matchbox manifolds (with Alex Clark and Olga Lukina) PDF
  Proceedings A.M.S., vol. 147:3579-3594, 2019; {arXiv:1704.04402}.  
86. Orbit equivalence and classification of weak solenoids (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  Indiana Univ. Math. J., vol. 69:2339–2363, 2020; {arXiv:1803.02098}.  
87. Pro-groups and a generalization of a theorem of Bing (with Alex Clark and Olga Lukina) PDF
  Topology and Its Applications, vol. 271:xx-xxx, 2020; {arxiv:1811.00288}.  
88. Limit group invariants for non-free Cantor actions (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  Ergodic Theory Dynamical Systems, vol. 41:1751-1794, 2021; {arxiv:1904.11072}.  
89. Nilpotent Cantor actions (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  Proceedings A.M.S., vol. 150, 289-304, 2022; {arxiv:1905.07740}.  
90. Cantor dynamics of renormalizable groups (with Olga Lukina and Wouter van Limbeek) PDF
  Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics, vol. 15, 1449-1487, 2021; {arxiv:2002.01565}  
91. The prime spectrum of solenoidal manifolds (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  preprint, March 11, 2021. {arxiv:2103.06825}  
92. Kuperberg dreams (with Ana Rechtman) PDF
  celebratio.org/Kuperberg_KM/", November 30, 2021.  
93. Essential holonomy of Cantor actions (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  Journal Math. Society Japan, to appear. {arxiv:2205.06285}  
94. Type invariants for solenoidal manifolds (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  submitted, May 1, 2023. {arXiv:2305.00863}  
95. Prime spectrum and dynamics for nilpotent Cantor actions (with Olga Lukina) PDF
  Pacific Journal Mathematics, to appear. {arXiv:2305.00896}  
96. Characteristic classes of flat Diff(M) foliations PDF
  preprint, November 2023. {arXiv:2311.09160}  
97. Rigid secondary characteristic classes PDF
  preprint, March 2024.  
98. Divisible secondary characteristic classes PDF
  in preparation, March 2024.  

Golden Oldies

2. Dual homotopy invariants of G-foliations PDF
  Topology, 20(4):365--387, 1981.
21. Ergodic theory and Weil measures for foliations (with Anatole Katok) PDF
  Ann. of Math. (2) 126 (1987), no. 2, 221--275.
29. Differentiability, rigidity and Godbillon-Vey classes for Anosov flows (with Anatole Katok) PDF
  Inst. Hautes Études Sci. Publ. Math. No. 72 (1990), 5--61.
  The original 1987 IHES preprint version has additional content.
31. Cyclic cocycles, renormalization and eta-invariants. (with Ronald G. Douglas and Jerome Kaminker) PDF
  Invent. Math. 103 (1991), no. 1, 101--179.
36. Rigidity for Anosov actions of higher rank lattices PDF
  Ann. of Math. (2) 135 (1992), no.2, 361--410.
51. Manifolds which cannot be leaves of foliations (with Oliver Attie) PDF
  Topology 35 (1996), no. 2, 335--353.
59. Dynamics and the Godbillon-Vey Class of C^1 Foliations (with Remi Langevin) PDF
  Journal Math. Society Japan, Vol. 70:423 - 462, 2018. revision of 2004 preprint
74. The dynamics of generic Kuperberg flows (with Ana Rechtman) PDF
  Astérisque, Vol. 377, 2016.

Surveys & More

1994:  A survey of rigidity theory for Anosov actions PDF
1994:  Coarse geometry of foliations PDF
2002:  Dynamics and the Godbillon-Vey class: a history and survey PDF
2003:  Foliation Geometry/Topology Problem Set PDF
2008:  Classifying foliations PDF
2008:  Characteristic classes for Riemannan foliations PDF
2011:  Lectures on Foliation Dynamics: Barcelona 2010 PDF
2012:  Problem Session - Foliations 2012, Lodz, Poland PDF

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