Teaching and Presentation of Mathematics
Math 589 -- Fall 2011 -- #32552
Teaching Portfolios



A Teaching Portfolio would ideally include:

  1. List of classes for which you have been a TA
  2. List of classes you have actually taught, if any.
  3. Copies of course handouts, syllabi, review sheets, quizzes and tests that you may have prepared for your classes.
  4. Instructor evaluations of your teaching each term.
    If you did not receive a copy of this evaluation, ask the courseInstructor if they still have a copy and to make a xerox for you.
  5. Student evaluations of your teaching each term.
    These are available from the "Teaching and Learning Center" in 102 Douglas Hall. Check out the TLC website for more details.
  6. Any email feedback you have received on your teaching from students.
    Hopefully, this is positive, but why not include all the comments, so that later in life, you can look back and realize how much better as a teacher you have become. Or maybe, how critical the students at UIC were of your teaching, etc. 
  7. Any other recognitions of your teaching ability, or information you think would help document  your skill as a teacher.

The web sites below give more ideas for preparing your Teaching Portfolio.

One good idea is to get a ring binder folder, and put all of your Teaching Portfolio materials in it, so they stay organized.

Also, if you have a lot of electronic documents, like TeX files for quizzes and handouts, then cut a CD with them for safe storage. Do this after each semester - don't trust the math servers to keep your stuff safe forever.



A google.com web search on Teaching Portfolio returns 3,380,000 hits! Here are a few sites to browse.

And there are lots more - just follow the Google link above.

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