Preparing Your Curriculum Vitae
Math 589 -- Fall 2011 -- #32552

Your Vita should say who YOU are, and emphasize your strengths. Take the time to do it right!

Read the updated version of the 1996 classic webpage "Tips on Preparing a Vita".

There are two ways to prepare a Curriculum Vitae in LaTeX or TeX- one is "by hand", and examples of this type of CV are listed below.
Alternately, download the LaTeX package which lets you make "fancy" CV's.
The package has examples included - but better is to look at some samples make by MSCS grad students below.

Here is a directory -- it contains many examples of CV's done in both classic and modernCV styles. Both pdf and tex files are in the directory.

To prepare a CV using the modernCV format, download the package, then unzip it to a folder which includes the files:
  • moderncv.cls
  • moderncvcompatibility.sty
  • moderncvthemecasual.sty
  • moderncvthemeclassic.sty
  • moderncvthemeempty.sty
Place the LaTeX file for your CV in the same folder so that it can "find" these style files.
Look at some of the examples above to get an idea for the possibilities.

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