The Rest of the World

This page will contain travel reports, whimsy, and other interests.

A week in Tunisia: 2006

Around the world in 40 days Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Abu Dhabi, Saudia Arabia, Israel, Switzerland, Germany 1992

Half-way Round but still 40 days Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazahkstan in Summer 2001

Baldwins on the web NOT FUNCTIONAL

Interview Grace Baldwin (b 1906) This is an interview with Grace Baldwin in 1999

Family tree planner genealogy home page. Check out the home page of William F. Baldwin for descendents of John Baldwin of Milford, my namesake

St. Louis Cardinals features

Here is a picture of John's mother-in-law and his cousin Ron circa 1960. This is the first picture I was sent over the net.