An introduction to knots - May 27th

An introduction to knots and knot invariants - May 27th 2014

Time: 4:30pm
Place: MC 4041
Speaker: Janis Lazovskis


How many ways can you embed a circle in 3-space? This question is what motivates most of knot theory, and the first part of this presentation. Following a primer on the basics of knots, I will introduce some widely used knot invariants, from the Alexander and the Kauffman, to the Vasilievs and the Khovanov. Of the stronger ones, Vasiliev's invariants have a very combinatorial flavor, through the use of chord diagrams, while Khovanov's has a distinctly homological structure. Finally, if time permits, I will describe braid groups and the power that comes with this formalized approach.


- Slides of the talk
- Course notes from a knot theory course I took
- The Knot Atlas, an online knot encyclopedia
- KnotPlot, a program for drawing, viewing and playing with knots

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