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Profile picture of Janis Lazovskis Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

322 Science and Engineering Offices
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United States of America

SEO 522
jlazov2 (at) uic (dot) edu

Here I have some links to some of my friends' websites, mathematical and otherwise (sorted alphabetically). Further below are miscellaneous links.

Ben AntieauMath professor
Benoit CharbonneauMath professor
Blake MadillMath student
Chris AdkinsMath student
David JacksonMath professor
Edgar BeringMath student
Jeremy KunProgrammer
Keaton QuinnMath student
Laura SchaposnikMath professor
Maximilien Holmberg-PérouxMath student
Pēteris LazovskisArchitect
Piotr PstrągowskiMath student
Spiro KarigiannisMath professor
Sami DaviesCS student

MSCS table tennis leagueA departmental table tennis webpage
Math and SnacksA (now-defunct) weekly undergraduate math event to showcase what advanced mathematics is about
Hark! A vagrant comicsThe greatest webcomic I have ever come across, plus the artist is from Nova Scotia!

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