TikZ talk - June 4th

TikZ talk - June 4th 2014

Time: 4pm
Place: M3 3103
Speaker: Janis Lazovskis


LaTeX is a powerful tool for typesetting documents, but creating diagrams and illustrations is most often done in external programs, frequently disrupting the complete customizability that makes LaTeX so great. The TikZ package takes care of this problem by direct integration with the document parameters and an easy-to-use system of nodes and paths on a coordinate plane. This presentation will be an introduction to TikZ for people who have used LaTeX before and wish to do more with it (no previous knowledge of TikZ is expected). I will describe the main tools of nodes, labels, arrows, paths, and shapes using basic examples such as commutative diagrams and graphs. Then I will introduce broader topics including anchors, curved paths, coordinate transformations, position calculations, loops, and style options.


- Slides for the talk
- Poster for the talk
- TikZ 3.0 package and documentation
- Online gallery of TikZ examples
- Online forum for discussing question about TikZ

Technical details

- Creator of TikZ: Till Tantau


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