Website talk - September 7th 2016

Time: 1pm
Place: SEO 736 (graduate student lounge)
Speaker: Jānis Lazovskis


This talk will serve as an introduction on how to use your webspace on the UIC MSCS servers. I'll show you how to make a basic webpage, add styling, and upload documents.

Talk resources

- Slides for the talk
- Brief overview for Math 589 in-class version of this talk
- Poster for the talk
- A quick guide of the computer commands described in the talk (letter size and 1/3 letter size)

Relevant links

- W3Schools, a great tutorial site for HTML, CSS, and Java
- HTML validator, checks if your HTML code has been correctly written
- PuTTY and PSCP, tools Windows users need to upload files and manage their remote directory
- Sublime Text, a simple and free text editor
- How to make a website, a guide by Tori Noquez

Good mathematician websites to copy

- Grad student, simple: Nathan Lopez
- Grad student, more styling: Keaton Quinn
- Professor, very simple: Izzet Coskun
- Professor, some styling: Daniel Groves
- Professor, lots of styling: David Dumas