AWM Undergraduate Math Day

When: Thursday, March 3, 5-7pm

Where: SEO 636

What: The Association for Women in Math will be hosting two mini lectures followed by a social hour with pizza in SEO 636 on Thursday, March 3 from 5-7pm. Come to see some fun math talks and also meet graduate students and other undergraduates interested in math. The talks will be aimed at undergraduates but everyone is welcome to attend. This is also a great way to meet some of the people involved in the AWM and learn more about our group.


Marième Ngom: "Mathematics in weather forecasting"
We are going to talk about how mathematical models are used to predict the weather. We will also see why these predictions can be wrong.

Tori Noquez: "Counting and Cards"
Not to be confused with counting cards! In this talk we'll go over some of the fundamental principles and techniques in combinatorics, the study of counting. We'll use these to calculate some probabilities of different hands of cards being dealt from a shuffled deck, and time permitting there will be a short demonstration.