John Kopper

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
851 South Morgan Street
Chicago IL 60607

Office: SEO 735
Email: jkoppe2 [at] uic [dot] edu

I am a fifth year Ph.D. candidate. I am interested in algebraic geometry, especially the birational geometry of moduli spaces. My CV (pdf)


The nef cone of the Hilbert scheme of points on rational elliptic surfaces and the cone conjecture, preprint. (pdf)
Stability conditions for restrictions of vector bundles on projective surfaces, preprint. (pdf)
Effective cycles on blow-ups of Grassmannians, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 222 no. 4 (2018), 846--867. (pdf)


Spring 2018 - Math 181 (Calculus II)
Fall 2016 - Math 110
Summer 2015 - Math 075 (Beginning Algebra)
Spring 2015 - Math 180 (Calculus I)
Fall 2014 - Math 180 (Calculus I)