Papers and Preprints

Most of these papers are also available from the arXiv, here.

  • Coarse differentiation of Quasi-isometries II:rigidity for Sol and Lamplighter groups,with A. Eskin and D. Fisher pdf.

  • Finiteness of arithmetic hyperbolic reflection groups, with I. Agol, M. Belolipetsky, and P. Storm pdf in Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics 2 (2008) no 4..

  • Coarse differentiation of Quasi-isometries I:spaces not quasi-isometric to graphs,with A. Eskin and D. Fisher pdf to appear in Annals of Mathematics

  • A note on spaces of asymptotic dimension one, with K. Fujiwara pdf in Algebraic and Geometric Topology 7 (2007)

  • Quasi-isometries and rigidity of solvable groups, with A. Eskin and D. Fisher pdf in Pure and Applied Math Quarterly 3 (2007) no 4.

  • Quasi-Actions on Trees II: Bass-Serre trees, with L. Mosher and M. Sageev pdf to appear in Memoirs of the AMS

  • Non-ergodic actions, cocycles and superrigidity, with D. Fisher and D. Morris pdf, to appear in New York Mathematics Journal.

  • The large scale geometry of some metabelian groups, with J. Taback, pdf Michigan Journal of Mathematics 52 no 1, 2004

  • When is a group action determined by its orbits?, with D. Fisher, pdf, GAFA 13/6 Dec. 2003

  • Growth of Betti Numbers, with B. Clair, Topology 42/5 2003, dvi or pdf.

  • Maximally Symmetric Trees, with L. Mosher and M. Sageev. pdf, Geometriae Dedicata 92, 2002.

  • Quasi-actions on trees, I : Bounded valence, with L. Mosher and M. Sageev, Annals of Mathematics 158, 2003., in dvi or postscript

  • Continuous Quotients for Lattice Actions on Compact Manifolds, with D. Fisher, Geometriae Dedicata 87, 2001, dvi or postscript

  • The Quasi-Isometry Types of the Higher Baumslag-Solitar Groups, GAFA 11, 2001, dvi or postscript

  • Geometry of Groups with Infinitely Many Ends, with P. Papasoglu, Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici 77, 2002.dvi or postscript

  • The Uniformly Finite A-hat Genus, JDG 59, 2001,dvi or postscript

  • Amenability, Bilipschitz Equivalence, and the Von Neumann Conjecture, Duke Journal of Mathematics 1999, p. 93-112. dvi or postscript

  • My Thesis, University of Chicago 1998, dvi or postscript