Presentations and Dates

Alexander Berenbeim (1:00-1:20)
"Sign Rank versus VC dimension" (Alon et al.)

Mano Vikash Janardhanan (1:25-1:45)
"Adaptive Subgradient Methods for Online Learning and Stochastic Optimization" (Duchi et al.)

Samuel Freitas (1:00-1:20)
"Sign Rank versus VC dimension" (Alon et al.), continued

Karly Brint (1:25-1:45)
"Shattering News" by (Rontai et al.)

Jacob Miller (1:00-1:20)
"Online Sparse Linear Regression" (Foster et al.)

Alessandro Pappalardo (1:25-1:45)
"Compressed Learning: Universal Sparse Dimensionality Reduction and Learning in the Measurement Domain" (Calderbank et al.)

Shelby Heinecke (1:00-1:20)
"Nonstochastic Multi-Armed Bandits with Graph-Structured Feedback" (Alon et al.)

Tang Liu (1:25-1:45)
"Achieving Exact Cluster Recovery Threshold via Semidefinite Programming" (Hajek et al.)