Math 502 Metmathematics I

Fall 1999

Instructor David Marker

Office Hours


A first graduate course in mathematical logic. We will introduce the fundamental themes of mathematical logic (truth, provability, and computability), discuss their interconnections and examine the power and limits of formal methods. The main results will be Godel's Completeness and Incompleteness Theorems and Tarski's decidability results for the real and complex fields. Specific topics covered will include.


  • Z. Adamowicz and P. Zbierski, Logic of Mathematics, A Modern Course of Classical Logic, Wiley-Interscience, 1997.
  • N. Cutland, Computability: An introduction to recursive function theory, Cambridge University Press, 1986.


    Graduate standing. No previous background in logic is assumed. As many examples will come from Algebra, Math 516 is a useful.


  • I will give out about 10 problem sets. You may work together on homework problems (and I encourage you to do so), but when you turn in the problem you should acknowledge that you have worked together.
  • There will be a one hour final exam testing basic concepts, definitions, and statements of theorems. It will be given in class on Friday of the last week of classes.

    Homework Assignments

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