UIC Graduate Student Seminar

Friday March 2
3:00 pm
636 SEO

Speaker: Bhama Srinivasan

Title: Representation Theory of Finite Groups

Abstract:The representation theory of finite groups has its origin at the end of the nineteenth century. One of the original goals of the theory was to obtain information about an abstract group, which could have a very complicated structure, by "representing" it, i.e. constructing a homomorphism of the group into a group of matrices. In contemporary research we study the problem of constructing various representations of a given finite group, which could itself be a group of matrices, such as the group GL(n,F) of invertible n x n matricesover a field F. In recent years the methods used to construct such representations have come from areas such as algebraic geometry. Someof these methods and some of the problems being studied today will be described in this seminar.