UIC Graduate Student Seminar

Friday November 16
3:00 pm
636 SEO

Speaker: Martin Tangora

Title: My career as a rocket scientist

Abstract: In 1959-64, as a grad student, I spent four summers in the space industry. I was fortunate to get a position in a systems engineering office, rather than in a mathematics department; it meant a much wider variety of tasks. What was most valuable to me, besides the excellent pay, was to work with engineers; this gave me a perspective on the uses of mathematics (and statistics, and mathematical physics) that one doesn't get in academia, and a lot of anecdotes about the engineering mentality that I am still using in my classes. Apparently what made me most valuable to the company was my knowledge of a variety of subjects, from statistics to naked-eye astronomy. In my talk I will regale the audience with details, and try to give some clues about what it might be like to work in industry.