Math 414 Analysis II

Spring 2004

Instructor: David Marker
Call Number: 65733
Class Meets: 1200 MWF 317 BH
Office: 411 SEO
Office Hours: M 1:30--3:00, W 9:30--11:30
phone: (312) 996-3069
course webpage:



Grade of C or better in Math 413 Analysis I, or consent of instructor.


A continuation of Math 413 rigorously revisiting many of the ideas and results from Calculus I and II, including: As time permits, additional topics may include metric spaces, differential equations and Fourier series.

Here is a detailed week-to-week syllabus.

Problem Sets

As in all advanced mathematics courses, homework problem sets are an essential part of the course. There will be roughly 12 homework assignement. The lowest 2 problem sets will be dropped.
You may discuss homework problems with other students, but you must write up your solution independently. All proofs should be written neatly with complete gramatical sentences. Problem sets should be writen so that there is room for comments on each problem. Late homework will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances.


Homework Assignments

Bonus Problems


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