MCS 441 Theory of Computation

Fall 2004

Instructor: David Marker
Call Number: 12360/20461
Class Meets: 10:00 MWF 307 AH
Office: 411 SEO
Office Hours: M 11-12, W 9-10, 4-5
phone: (312) 996-3069
course webpage:


We will cover chapters 1--4 of the text.


Grade of C or better in CS 202 or grade of C or better in MCS 261.


The key questions in theoretical computer science are: This course will focus on the first question. We will introduces several, progressively stronger, models of computation: For each of these models we will examine what they can and can not do.

Problem Sets

There will be frequent homework assignments. This a theoretical course and it is expected that in addition to designing and analyzing machines students will be required to write proofs. Late homework will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances.


Homework Assignments


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