Game Theory

Spring 2013

Instructor: David Marker
Class Meets: Tu-Th 11:00-12:15 EPASW 2417
Office: 411 SEO
Office Hours: M 2:00-3:00, W 9:30-11:00
phone: (312) 996-3069
course webpage:

This webpage will be the primary source for problem sets and course handouts. There will also be a course site on UIC Blackboard where I will post solutions to homework and grade information.


A new book that you might find useful for supplementary reading is


The formal mathematical prerequisites are minimal, but the course will be fairly rigorous and will require the ability to follow closely reasoned arguments and solve problems. Students should have some familiarity with If you are unsure if you have necessary background, please consult with the instructor.


Game Theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic decision making with interacting decision makers. This course will introduce the main concepts and tools of the subjects. The course will focus more on concepts and illustrative examples than mathematical theory The topics covered will include:

Practice Problems and Problem Sets

You may discuss homework problems with other students, but you must write up your solution independently.


There will be two midterm exams and a final. The final grade will be based 15% on the problem sets, each midterm exam will count 25% and the final will count 35%.

Midterm 1: Tu Feb 26
Midterm 2: Th April 11
Final Exam: Monday May 6 10:30

Problem Sets

Solutions to Problem Sets are posted on the course Blackboard webpage.

Practice Problems

Recall that solutions to practice problems can be found in the author's Solution Manual

Handouts and Useful Links

David Marker's homepage

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