Klaus J. Miescke



Dept. of Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science (M/C 249)

University of Illinois at Chicago

851 South Morgan Street

Chicago, IL 60607-7045

Phone: (312) 996-2443 (-1491 Fax)

E-Mail: klaus@uic.edu


Universität Mainz: Dr.habil. (Habilitation) Mathematics, Statistics 1980

Universität Heidelberg: Dr.rer.nat. (Ph.D.) Mathematics, Statistics 1972

Universität Heidelberg: Dipl.Math. (M.S. ) Mathematics, Physics 1970

Universität Heidelberg: Vordiplom (B.S. ) Mathematics, Physics 1967

Professional Experiences:

Professor Emeritus: Dept. of MSCS, UIC 2009-present

Professor: Dept. of MSCS, UIC 1987-2009

Associate Professor: Dept. of MSCS, UIC 1982-87

Visiting Professor: Dept. of Statistics, Purdue University 1981-82

Professor (C-2): Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Mainz 1980-81

Wissenschaftl. Assistent: Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Mainz 1972-80

Bio-Statistician: Inst. für Sozial-Medizin, Universität Heidelberg 1971-72

Visiting Appointments:

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany, 2 weeks, 2005

ANU Canberra, Australia, CMA-MSI, Fellow, 1 week, 2004

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany, 2 weeks, 2004. 

Universitaet Rostock, Professor, 2 weeks each, 1999-03

Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Professor, 2 weeks, 1998

QUT Brisbane, Australia, Professor, 1 week, 1997

Universität Dortmund, Professor, 6 weeks, 1997

Universität Rostock, Professor, 2 months, 1993, 1997

Universität Duesseldorf, Professor, 10 months, 1990-92

Purdue University, Associate Professor, Professor, 21 months, 1980-97

Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Research Expert, 3.5 months, 1981

Purdue University, Associate Professor, 4 months, 1977, 1979

Research Interests:

Decision Theory, Bayesian Analysis, Multiple Decisions: Ranking and Selection, Multivariate Analysis, Nonparametric Statistics, Survival Analysis, Simultaneous Testing, Paired Comparisons, Applied Stochastic Models, Time Series Analysis, Biostatistics, Finite Population Sampling, Statistical Auditing, Computational Statistics.

Courses Taught:

Probability and Measure Theory, Stochastic Processes (incl. Markov Processes), Applied Probability Models, Mathematical Statistics (incl. Asymptotic Theory), Linear Models and Analysis of Variance, Multivariate Analysis, Nonparametric Statistical Methods (incl. U-Statistics), Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis, Multiple Decision Theory (incl. Ranking and Selection), Statistical Consulting with Computer Applications, Finite Population Sampling, Calculus, Quantitative Reasoning.

Ph.D. Students:

Yanmin Liu, Dept. of MSCS, UIC, completed 2011

Jin Tan, Dept. of MSCS, UIC, completed 2011

Misun Yu, Dept. of MSCS, UIC, completed 1999

Henry Park, Dept. of MSCS, UIC, completed 1997

Dylan Shi (a.k.a. Zai-Qing Xi), Dept. of MSCS, UIC, completed 1992

Gaston Mbateng, Dept. of MSCS, UIC, completed 1990

Mansour M. Abughalous, Dept. of MSCS, UIC, completed 1988

Joachim Sehr (Co-Advisor, W. Buehler, Chair), FB Mathematik, Univ. Mainz, completed 1987

Awards and Grants:

Co-Investigator, NICDR-Grant, J. Drummond, PI, Dept. of Dentistry, UIC, $ 60,225, 2001-08

"Research in Pair", Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2 weeks, 2005.

"Research in Pair", Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 2 weeks, 2004. 

Visiting Fellow, Australian National University, CMA-MSI, 1 week, 2004. 

Research Visits, Univ. Rostock, Germany, Work on Book with F. Liese, $ 3,000 , 1999-01

Teaching Recognition Award (Salary Raise), CETL, UIC, $ 1,500 , 1999

Research Visit, Dept. of Statistics, Univ. Dortmund, Germany, $ 5,000 , 1997

Curriculum Development Grant, CETL, UIC, $ 6,000 (with R. T. Czerwinski), 1996

Research Visit, Univ. Rostock, Germany, DAAD, $ 2,000 , 1993

Consultant, NSF-Grant, J. Drummond, PI, Dept. of Dentistry, UIC, $ 2,000 , 1991-93

Principal Investigator, "Optimum Selection Procedures", AFOSR-Grant, $ 81,754 , 1985-89

Professional Societies:

American Statistical Association (incl. Chicago Chapter)

Bernoulli Society

Institute of Mathematical Statistics

International Biometric Society, ENAR

International Statistical Institute, Elected Member

Coordinating Editor:

Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2002-2009.

Associate Editor:

Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 1989-2002.

Guest Editor:

"In Memory of Dr. Shanti Swarup Gupta", (with N. Balakrishnan),  Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Special Issue, Vol. 136, Number 7, 2006.

"40 Years of Statistical Selection Theory, Part I & Part II", (with D. Rasch), Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Special Issue, Vol. 54, Number 2 & 3, 1996.


"Selection Procedures, Part I & II", Proceedings of the 3rd Schwerin Conference 1993-94 on Mathematical Statistics, Sept. 5-10, 1993, Bad Doberan, Germany. Schriftenreihe des FBN Dummerstorf, Germany, Heft 1 & 2 (with G. Herrendoerfer).

Talks Presented:

94 Talks presented at international conferences and university colloquia in U.S.A., Australia, England, Finland, Germany, Holland, Ireland, New Zealand, Taiwan, 1971-present.

Referee Reports:

141 Referee Reports for: Annals of Statistics, Ann.Inst.Stat.Math., AFOSR, ARO, Biometrics, Communications in Statist., JASA, J. of Applied Statist. Science, J.Statist.Computation & Simulation, Math.Rev., Metrika, NSA, NSF, Sankhya, Sequential Analysis, Statistics, Statist.Plann.Inference, Statistics & Decisions, Statistics & Probability Letters, and several Books and Proceedings, 1972-present.

Scientific Program Committees:

"Multiple Decision Theory and Related Topics - A Conference in Honor of Shanti S. Gupta". June 8-10, 1995, Purdue University.

"3rd Schwerin Conference on Mathematical Statistics - Selection Procedures - ", September 5-10, 1993, Bad Doberan, Germany.

Conference Section Chairs:

"IISA Fourth Biennial International Conference on Statistics, Probability, and Related Areas", Section on Invited Papers in Multiple Decision Theory, Northern Illinois University, June 14-16, 2002.

"Sixth Purdue International Symposium on Statistics: Decision Theory Conference", Section on Contributed Papers, Purdue University, June 19-21, 1998.

"Mathematical Statistics and its Applications to Biosciences", ISI-Satellite Meeting, Section on Invited Papers in Selection Procedures Theory, Rostock, Germany, August 31-September 4, 1997.

Roundtable Discussion:

"Roundtable Discussion on Selection and Ranking Procedures", S.S. Gupta, Chair, Joint Statistical Meeting of ASA, ENAR, and IMS, August 4-8, 1996, Chicago.

Sabbatical Visits:

Australian National University, CMA-MSI, Canberra, Australia, 2004.

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany, 2004. 

Universities of Canterbury & Auckland, New Zealand ; Brisbane & Sidney, Australia, 1997.

Universities of Dortmund and Rostock, Germany ; Purdue University, USA, 1997.

University of Düsseldorf, Germany, 1990-91.