Mimi Dai                                                                               

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

University of Illinois at Chicago

Email: mdai@uic.edu

CV                     Research Statement                       Publications


Math 210 Fall 2015         Math 480 Fall 2015


Research Interests

Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics, Complex Fluids.


[18].  KolmogorovŐs dissipation number and the number of degrees of freedom for the 3D Navier-Stokes equations (with A. Cheskidov),  arXiv:1510.00379,  2015.

[17].  On the determining  wavenumber for the nonautonomous subcritical  SQG equation (with A. Cheskidov),  arXiv:1508.07943,  2015.

[16].  Regularity criteria for the 3D Navier-Stokes and MHD equations (with A. Cheskidov),
arXiv:1507.06611,  2015.

[15].  Analysis of a diffuse interface model of multispecies tumor growth (with E. Feireisl, E. Rocca, G. Schimperna, and M. E. Schonbek), 
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