I am the ice princess.

These are my ice princess jewels.

My name is Tori. That's plural for Torus. It's also short for Victoria.

I like fish, clothes dryers, French jazz, Emily, pumpkin patches, nurse sharks, Caprisun, Lipizzaner Stallions, cemeteries, sunshine, projective space, cuttlefish, scarves, self discovery, city lights, Hilbert's Nullstellensatz, diamonds, polaroids, surrealism, stained glass, receiving letters, flip flops, late night driving, gummi bears, big snowflakes, sunrises, smiling, soviet paradise, Zariski Topologies, and falafels.

I do not like lies, the internet, split ends, milk, sexism, olives, artificial beauty, existential angst, line integrals, airport security, elitism, bagpipes, tuning my mandolin, parking tickets, or freezing rain.

My last name is Noquez. When you flip it over it spells zanboN.

I make things out of stained glass. I recently completed a window for the front door of my house.


I've been to Space Camp. I've wanted to be an astronaut since I was about 10. I'd also like to be a rockstar when I grow up. Or a magician.  I am a member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

I'm pretty good at math. I have a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences with an additional major in Logic and Computation from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.A. in Mathematics from UCLA. I'm at UIC working on a Ph.D.

I took so many pictures of my face, I wish I had more to say about myself.