Some quotes from former students:

"Victoria assisted me with precalculus. I thought her skills as a tutor were among the best I have ever experienced, and rivaled those of veteran teachers. Her strong understanding of all things math allowed her to thoroughly explain concepts in such a way that I could easily understand the material. I highly recommend Victoria as a tutor."
-Amy W., 11th Grade Pre-calculus, Los Angeles, 2009

"You are one of the most thorough mathematicians I have studied with. You ask nothing but the best from us which has made me work very hard and because of that I have become a better mathematician from studying with you. Your proofs and instructions are clear and complete and you waste no time in getting down to business. Your discussion sections have been more productive than any lecture we have had and I have learned far more from you about mathematics than from the professor."
-Nate Brewer, Math 110B (Group Theory) Student, UCLA, 2011

"As a student who had a learning difference and struggled with math for many years, and who has worked with many other math tutors, I can honestly say that Tori Noquez is one of the best math tutors I have worked with. She does not do the work for you, but rather helps you understand the concepts and problems. She is excellent at explaining problems and formulas. She is very knowledgeable in general about all types of math and she knows a lot of fun math theories to help you better understand math. Not only is she extremely competent as a tutor, she is also an incredibly caring person and easy to work with. Truth be told as much as math is not my favorite subject, I really treasured working with her and miss working with her. When I worked with her I was going through a very stressful time with my school work and she was incredibly understanding and willing to listen and give me advice. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a tutor, you will not regret choosing her."
-Jackie Tabas, Math 2 (Finite Mathematics) Student, UCLA, 2011

"Victoria is a very considerate and helpful individual who has a true passion for math, literally and philosophically. She truly cares about each student and there outcome."
-Daniela I., 12th Grade AP Calculus A/B, Los Angeles, 2011

"Tori really knows what it takes for students to learn and master the material, she's one of the best TA's I've had at UCLA. And she's funny!"
-Math 167 (Game Theory) Student, TA Evalauations, UCLA, 2010

"Tori was absolutely great! She demonstrated great knowledge about the curriculum and allowed us to learn applicable methods. I really enjoyed having her as a TA, very, very, very helpful."
- Math 1 (Pre-Calculus) Student, TA Evaluations, UCLA, 2010.

"Victoria was an extremely helpful and effective TA. I wish I could keep her as a TA for all my math courses. She was able to cover a large amount of material quickly but understandably and effectively."
-Math 32A (Multivariabile Calculus) Student, TA Evaluations, UCLA, 2010

Letters of Recommendation

Letter from James Factor, D.C., parent.

Letter from Paige Greene, Lecturer, UCLA Dept. of Mathematics.


Nate Brewer, student.

James Factor, D.C., parent.