Tori's Guide to Making an Awesome Website


This is the process I used to make my website, which you can view here. If you have any questions, go ahead an email me at vnoque2 at


Cyberduck is the program I use to connect to the math server and upload my files. You can download it for Mac here.

Connecting to the math server

Here are the steps:
  1. Open Cyberduck.
  2. Click on the "Open Connection" button in the top right (a blue globe with a green plus sign).
  3. In the drop down menu at the top of the box that comes up, select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).
  4. In the "Server:" box, type
  5. For your "Username:", this is either your UIC login (usually your first initial, the first five letters of your last name, and a number), or if you had an email address, it is that username (often these are the same).
  6. Enter your password, I like to keep my password saved.
  7. Press connect.
  8. Open "public_html". This is the folder where your website files wil go.

Editing your webpage

You can use any text editor you'd like to write your page, such as Notepad or any LaTeX editor. I like to use Komodo Edit, which you can download here, since it has nice syntax highlighting.

Your homepage should be saved as "index.html". I like to keep this and any images for my webpage in a folder on my desktop for easy access. You can download an example of this folder by saving this link (if you right or control click, choose to download the link to your desktop). The folder is zipped, so you can unzip it and put it on your desktop. You can see how it will look here. Replace the "me.jpg" file with a picture of yourself, and "pic2.jpg" with another photo if you'd like (otherwise, just delete that part in the template).

Updating your webpage

  1. Log into the math server as described above.
  2. Put index.html and your images folder, as well as any other things you'd like ony our page (like your CV or pdf's of papers) in the public_html fold by dragging them from your local folder.