Introduction to Dynamics and Chaos, MATH 452, Fall 2017

Instructor: Christian Rosendal, office MTH 2113

Course webpage:

  • A first course in chaotic dynamical systems; Robert L. Devaney.
  • Chaotic Dynamics; Geoffrey R. Goodson.

  • Course notes: Link

    Course hours and location: Monday - Wednesday - Friday, 11:00-11:50 AM in MTH 1308.

    Office hours: Monday 1:20-3:10 in MTH 2113.

    Midterms: There will be three midterms each taking place during regular class hours. The dates are:
  • 1st midterm: Friday September 29th.
  • 2nd midterm: Friday October 27th.
  • 3rd midterm: Friday December 1st.

  • The midterms and final exam will consist of exercises resembling the homework exercises. So doing exercises equals good exam preparation.

    To be excused from a midterm you will need to provide a valid excuse and, in case of illness, a letter from the doctor to this effect. You will not have the chance to make up an exam, so if you are excused from a midterm your midterm grade will be the average of your other midterms. It is entirely your responsibility to be in time for an exam.

    Final exam: Friday December 15th, 8:00-10:00 AM.

    Grade: Your grade will be a weighted average of your homework, midterm and final scores calculated as follows:
  • Homework: 25 %
  • Midterms: 45 %
  • Final: 30 %

  • Homework: