Thoralf Skolem

Alonzo Church

Mathematical Logic (Metamathematics I), MATH 502, Fall 2011

Instructor: Christian Rosendal, room 416 SEO

Lectures: MWF 11:00-11:50 in TH 117.

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM or by appointment. Please let me know after class if you plan to come.

Course description:
This is the standard graduate course on mathematical logic beginning with a brief introduction to propositional logic and ending with a thorough treatment of Gödel's incompleteness Theorem and decidability problems in logic.

Topics Literature:
There is no textbook for the course. Instead we shall follow a set of notes by Lou van den Dries, which are available here.

Homework: The grade for the course is based on written homework sets that will be assigned in the course of the semester. I will list these here in due course. Please hand these in during class on the due date or leave them in my mailbox in SEO. Other exercises: Apart from the exercises that are to be handed in as homework, you are very strongly advised to at least attempt or think about all the remaining exercises in the notes. The results of the may be used later on and will increase your understanding of the material. Note that many of these are just formulated as statements where you are supposed to fill in details of the construction or proof.

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