University of Illinois at Chicago
Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29


Some Recommended Restaurants (near UIC)

Taylor Street Area
  • Thai Bowl - 1049 W. Taylor Street.   Serves up bowls of noodles, spicy and otherwise; typical bill $10

  • Tatsu - 1062 W. Taylor Street.   Japanese & some pan-Asian dishes; typical lunch bill $10-12 (not open Sat-Sun for lunch)

  • Tuscany - 1014 W. Taylor Street.   Large plates of Italian cuisine, of course; typical lunch bill $15-20 (not open Sat-Sun for lunch)

  • Al's Beef - 1079 W. Taylor Street.   It's greasy, the fries are dripping with fat & salt, but oh so tasty - this is the original place; typical bill $10

  • Chez Jöel - 1119 W. Taylor Street.   French cuisine, of course, and quite nice - click here to hear Edith; typical lunch bill (with one glass of wine) $20

South Campus (South Halsted & Maxwell Street Area)
Greektown (Halsted north of the Eisenhower)
  • Giordano's Pizza - 815 W. Van Buren Street (in back of the parking lot at the corner of Van Buren and Halsted, just over the Eisenhower). OK, so it's not Greek, but it is pizza, and the closest stuffed pizza to campus.

  • Artopolis Bakery Cafe & Agora - 306 S. Halsted Street. Very nice lunch choices, and excellent for an afternoon sweet with coffee. Just walk north on Halsted, a block or so north of the Eisenhower.

  • Pantheon - 314 S. Halsted Street. Keep walking north on Halsted past Artopolis, and you come to this venerable Greek restaurant. Of course, along the way you have passed half a dozen other Greek restaurants.

  • Greek Isles - 200 S. Halsted Street. A local favorite for sort-of cheap Greek food, especially the lamb dishes.

Randolf Street (North of Campus - a long walk)
  • La Sardine - 111 N. Carpenter Street (directly across from Harpo Studios). A French Bistro, a local favorite; typical lunch bill $15-20.

  • Red Light - 820 W. Randolph Street. Asian with a nice French twist.

  • Marché - 833 West Randolph Street. A grande French Brasserie.Very nice, but a little pricy.

  • Blackbird - 619 W. Randolph Street (east of Halsted on Randolph). This is considered one of the better restaurants in Chicago. If you want to have a very fine lunch or dinner, try this. But don't ask about the price.

Other Places
  • Manny's Deli - 1141 S. Jefferson ( 10 minute walk from campus, across the Dan Ryan along Taylor Street East). Bet you can't eat even one! This is an old style Jewsih Deli, with seating for 200. Or as one visiting speaker said, it reminded him of eating in the University Canteen back in Moscow. Who else eats here? Mayor Daley & President Obama to name a couple of patrons. Worth the walk; typical lunch $10-12.

  • Bourgeois Pig Cafe - 738 W Fullerton Avnue. Not close to campus, this is located near the DePaul Campus on the north side, near the intersection of Halsted & Fullerton. But a cult classic, with excellent sandwiches and ambience; typical bill $10.

  • Gluten-Free Restaurants - A list of some of the gluten-free restaurants in Chicago

  • Vegetarian Restaurants - Lots of choices.

Last update: October 29, 2009