Math 180 (Calculus I)

Fall 2012

MWF 12:00-12:50 pm, 140 BSB



Instructor: William Simmons, 728 SEO,


Office Hours: By appointment on MWF in 728 SEO. See the syllabus for more details.


Teaching Assistants: Luigi Lombardi:; W 11-12 pm and Th 2-3 pm. Tim Ryan:; M 2-4 pm. Both Luigi and Tim hold their office hours in the Mathematical Sciences Learning Center, 430 SEO.


Syllabus (please read; most of your questions about how the class is run are probably answered here)


Department Math 180 Course Page (general information; see the syllabus for an explanation)




(1-14-13) For those of you who purchased a MyMathLab access code, here is our course information: Course Name: M180Sp13; Course ID: simmons08291.

To get started, go to (to login, you need to make an account and have your code in hand). To view the interactive textbook, you need to download the free Mathematica CDF player (


(1-16-13) I have updated the syllabus to explain the policy on late work and absences on quiz or exam days. Also, the attendance point procedure has been slightly modified.


(3-1-13) Please note that Quiz 3 will be held next Thursday, March 7, in discussion section (see below).


(3-15-13) Please note that Quiz 4 will be held next Thursday, March 21, in discussion section (see below).


(3-21-13) Please note that Exam 2 will be held Friday, April 5, in class (see below).


(4-9-13) Please note that Quiz 5 will be held on Thursday, April 18, in discussion section (see below for topics).


(4-11-13) Updated announcement to help you estimate your grade: Last semester students with anywhere from 426 to 476 points got A's, 355 to 425 got B's, 305 to 355 got C's, and 255 to 304 got D's. The point count on Blackboard is a little misleading because the HW points will be scaled; all together HW will only be worth 50 points. So all other points have face value, but there haven't been so many points from HW as it seems. The bottom line is that the grade distribution will probably be a little better than the current point totals suggest: Currently (4-10-13) the raw point total for the top student in the class is 304. So if you had 220, you would multiply 220 by (476/304) to predict about 345 points at the end of the semester (a high C, and quite possibly a B). The biggest thing you can do to help your grade at this point is prepare well for Quiz 5 and the final (especially the final). Being consistent on homework is the first step in that preparation.         


(4-24-13)  VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: A small number of you may have scheduling conflicts with other final exams. University rules are clear and are laid out here. Tell me today if this applies to you and you need to reschedule the final (please look at the link to be sure that your situation matches the rules; otherwise you must take the final at the regular time). The math department needs to know right away who will require a make-up in order to schedule the replacement test.


(5-3-13) Next week: I will be out of town next week, so please contact Luigi or Tim for office hours or visit the MLC in SEO 430. I will still be available by email.  Also, to help you prepare for the final there is a last, unofficial (not to be turned in) homework posted below.


(5-16-13) Grading scale: Our section did comparatively well on the final exam (the overall mean for all sections was 92, our sectionís was 105); congratulations on your good work this semester. Course grades were determined in accordance with the syllabus in the following way: I scaled homework points to 50 total (i.e., take all your homework points in Blackboard (max possible: 129=43 assignments worth 3 apiece), and multiply by 50/129) and added those to quiz, midterm, and final exam points. The basic lower cut-offs for Aís, Bís, Cís, and Dís using the scaled totals: 322.17, 289.57, 232.67, and 175.24. If you were within 7 points of the lower cut-off but received at least the next-highest letter grade on the final, I bumped you up to the next-highest letter grade (e.g., if you had 319 total points--a high B--but got an A on the final, you got an A). The scale for the final exam was (for A, B, C, and D, respectively): 130, 106, 75, 52.



Quiz and Exam Schedule: (Final location is now listed below)


Quiz 1: Thursday, Jan. 24, in discussion section (will cover 2.1-2.3 as well as the review topics on HW 1-3).


Quiz 2: Thursday, Feb. 7, in discussion section (will 2.4-3.1 as well as all review topics up to HW 8).


Exam 1: Friday, Feb. 22, in class at the regular meeting time (140 BSB, 12-12:50 pm).


Quiz 3: Thursday, March 7, in discussion section (will cover 3.6-3.9, plus all past review topics)


Quiz 4: Thursday, March 21, in discussion section (will cover 3.10-4.4, plus all past review topics)


Exam 2: Friday, April 5, in class at the regular meeting time (140 BSB, 12-12:50 pm).


Quiz 5: Thursday, April 18, in discussion section (will cover 4.5 to 5.2; in particular there will be questions about the Mean Value Theorem, líHopitalís rule, and Riemann sums). 


Final Exam: Thursday,  May 9, from 1-3 pm in LC F4.





Homework 1: Due Wednesday, Jan. 16, in class.


Homework 2: Due Friday, Jan. 18, in class.


Homework 3: Due Wednesday, Jan. 23, in class.


Homework 4: Due Friday, Jan. 25, in class.


Homework 5: Due Monday, Jan. 28, in class.


Homework 6: Due Wednesday, Jan. 30, in class.


Homework 7: Due Friday, Feb. 1, in class.


Homework 8: Due Monday, Feb. 4, in class.


Homework 9: Due Wednesday, Feb. 6, in class.


Homework 10: Due Fri Feb. 8, in class.


Homework 11: Due Monday, Feb. 11, in class.


Homework 12: Due Wednesday, Feb. 13, in class.


Homework 13: Due Friday, Feb. 15, in class.


Homework 14: Due Monday, Feb. 18, in class.


Homework 15: Due Wednesday, Feb. 20, in class.


Homework 16: Due Friday, Feb. 22, in class.


Homework 17: Due Monday, Feb. 25, in class.


Homework 18: Due Wednesday, Feb. 27, in class.


Homework 19: Due Friday, March 1, in class.


Homework 20: Due Monday, March 4, in class.


Homework 21: Due Wednesday, March 6, in class.


Homework 22: Due Friday, March 8, in class.


Homework 23: Due Monday, March 11, in class.


Homework 24: Due Wednesday, March 13, in class.


Homework 25: Due Friday, March 15, in class.


Homework 26: Due Monday, March 18, in class.


Homework 27: Due Wednesday, March 20, in class.


Homework 28: Due Friday, March 22, in class.


Homework 29: Due Monday, April 1, in class.


Homework 30: Due Wednesday, April 3, in class.


Homework 31: Due Monday, April 8, in class (but do the practice tests before the exam on Friday)


 Homework 32: Due Wednesday, April 10, in class.


Homework 33: Due Friday, April 12, in class.


Homework 34: Due Monday, April 15, in class.


Homework 35: Due Wednesday, April 17, in class.


Homework 36: Due Friday, April 19, in class.


Homework 37: Due Monday, April 22, in class.


Homework 38: Due Wednesday, April 24, in class.


Homework 39: Due Friday, April 26, in class.


Homework 40: Due Monday, April 29, in class.


Homework 41: Due Wednesday, May 1, in class.


Homework 42: Due Friday, May 3, in class.


Unofficial HW: Unofficial homework (not to be turned in).