List of Research Papers

This research has been generously funded by NSF Grants DMS-93-00136 and DMS-99-28950 and DOE Grants DE-FG02-93ER25168 and DE-FG02-93ER25168

PIs: Charles Knessl and Charles Tier

The research program on the above grants developed new asymptotic and perturbation methods for approximating the performance of queueing systems. This involved obtaining approximations to equations such as integral equations and difference equations. The approximations lead to highly accurate formulas for the performance measures of the systems. The models considered include large queueing networks, transient behavior of queues, processor-sharing queues and first passage times in Jackson networks. Queueing models of these types arise in the analysis of computer and communications systems which are applications in the HPCC Program. In addition, the methods developed in the proposal were also found to be applicable to applied stochastic models, such as those arising in computer science, risk theory, and conservation biology.

Below we describe some areas of recent research and provide abstracts of the publications. Postscript versions of the entire manuscripts are also available.

Selected References

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