Welcome to MATH 517! This course is the second semester graduate algebra course. It will cover Galois theory, commutative and homological algebra.

Prerequisites: MATH 516

Time and Venue: MWF 1:00--1:50 in Taft Hall 204. Drop in hours will be in SEO 423. You will receive frequent email communication about this course, so it is very important to be registered.

Lecturer: Izzet Coskun

Office: SEO 423

Required text: Paolo Aluffi, Algebra: Chapter 0 Graduate Studies in Mathematics 104, AMS, Providence, Rhode Island, 2009. You can find errata for the book here

Grading: There will be weekly problem sets. These problem sets will account for 50% of your grade. There will be a take-home midterm and a take- home final. These will account for 20% and 30% of your grade, respectively. Homework is the most important component of this course. In order to receive an A in this course, you need to turn in at least 10 problems a week.


  • Syllabus (pdf)

    Problem Sets:

  • Problem Set 1: Due January 19 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 2: Due January 26 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 3: Due February 2 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 4: Due February 9 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 5: Due February 16 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 6: Due February 23 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 7: Due March 1 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 8: Due March 8 (pdf)
  • Midterm due March 15 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 9: Due March 29 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 10: Due April 5 (pdf)
  • Problem Set 11: Due April 12 (pdf)
  • Final due April 26. Relevant link: (here) Do the prelims of 2019, 2022 and 2023